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What is a Paramedical Exam?

A Paramedical examination is a personal visit,

with the applicant to collect their medical

history. This information allows the Insurance

Company to perform an evaluation of the

Applicant’s current health. The exam usually

includes height, weight, blood pressure and

pulse. It may also include the collection of

blood, urine, oral fluid, and an EKG or X-ray.

Depending on the insurer’s Underwriting

Guidelines. All information is kept confidential

and released only to the Insurance companys

Medical department.

Where is the Exam Performed?

A Nurse, Medical Assistant or Dr. will

perform examinations at the applicant’s home,

work place or our office location at the applicant’s


What if Blood has to be drawn?

Our Phlebotomy expertise will set you at ease, our techs are highly trained

with over 10 + yrs experience.

Only single-use sterile, disposable needles are

used to collect the specimen, and vinyl gloves

are always worn.

What is an Ekg?

An electrocardiogram or EKG, records electronic

impulses of the heart. This painless procedure is

usually complete in less than 10 minutes

How does the Applicant prepare?

The patient will be asked to reclined in a safe place in order

to place electrodes on the chest as well as arms and ankles.

After placements have been made,

Examiner will use mobile EKG machine to read and record rhythms of the

patients heart, this usually takes no longer than 5-10 minutes. If patient is a male

he will want to insure chest is well maintained so that electrodes will stick e.g. avoid

heavy lotions and chest area is free from an abundance of hair.

Females will want to avoid wearing a wire garment and heavy lotions as this may alter readings.

All patients must be prepared to remove shirt but may keep some what covered if

desired, it is important that cellphone and all metal is removed from

patients as well e.g. coins. watch, money clip and jewelry.

What happens when the Exam is complete?

The examination and any additional requirements

are forwarded to the insurance company.

Specimens obtained during the examination are

Sent to the designated laboratory, and the results

forwarded to the insurance company.

Applicant Instructions

In order to obtain accurate information

Recommended to the applicant

• Fast for 6 hours prior to the appointment.

• Limit caffeine, nicotine and alcohol 24 hours prior

To the appointment.

• Drink plenty of water prior to the appointment.

• Prepare names and dosages of any current


• Prepare a list of names, addresses and phone numbers

Of any doctors or clinics visited in the last 5 years.

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